Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Vacation All I Ever Wanted..."

So we got back from Sanibel a week ago and my duffel is still partially full. I think it gives me the illusion that at any moment we will all high tail it back to that magical island off Florida's Gulf Coast. This year, in addition to the Marshalls & Dava & Russ, two more families joined us. I was a little nervous, wondering if they'd be as enthralled with the trip as we are. Blessedly, everyone there loved the simplicity of the vacation. Really there are only 3 things we do: swim at the pool, go to the beach, and ride bikes. Of course there is a bit more to it than that as there is wildlife to be stalked. So while swimming you may spy a giant 4' green iguana that your husband then tries to catch using only a beach towel and his wit... Or you are in the ocean and something catches your eye...and it's a school of dolphins. Or you ride your bike thru the nature preserve and lose count of all the different birds. Here are some pictoral highlights:

Dave and Georgia hunting for shells
Camille takes a break from sandcastle building to grab goggles for a swim.

Mama CoCo shows off one of the many sea stars we find while snorkelling.

Jonah with the little snake found in the sea grass.

Bea-Zilla systematically smashing sand castles built by her sisters.

6 Happy Hobos jump for joy!


The Albertsen Family said...

I thought maybe you were just making a toyota commercial with that last picture. "I love my Toyota"... You do love your Toyota still, right?

belmomma said...

love it, love it. We were, and still are enthralled with the trip, and will spend the next year discussing our next visit.

SLP said...

Great pics and sounds like a great vacation!!!
That said, it really does look like a Toyota commercial at the end...

EmilyCC said...

How fun! I'll need to show Nate this. Since serving his mission there, he's determined to never vacation in Florida--like he'd have to suit up and hand out Book of Mormons upon crossing the state line.