Sunday, April 20, 2008

"This one goes to eleven..."

Jonah turned 11 this week and I can't quite believe it. He actually babysat for us and did a great job, if you overlook that he left two half-gallons of icecream sitting on the couch, one dripping its mintiness all down the front... (cue the "Sunrise Sunset" music) Is this the little boy who was so attached to me that he wouldn't let me take a leak in peace but would pound on the bathroom door screaming, "I NEED YOUR PRIVACY!" Is this the tender guy who got scared by the "Snort" in "Are you my Mother?" When did Nacho Libre replace Superman as his hero? When did he start using air quotes anytime he says the word "Santa?"

Right after we gulped down his icecream cake on Thursday we headed up to the Church so to hear the "Rock On Singers" of which Georgia is a part. Just before the performance, Dave pulled Millie's very first tooth out and I got this picture. Bloody but darling. She was sooo excited to have joined the tooth losing crowd.

Here is Georgia singing away. She knew all the words to all 8 songs and has a lovely voice (thanks to her father's genes). But being an introvert, the whole thing wore her out and she was more than ready to go home after.

This last picture I took this morning as we were leaving for church. Grandma Dava bought Bea this bee dress and I had to get a shot of its debut. She was super excited about it and kept making a buzzing noise and petting the little embroidered insects.

We leave for Sanibel Island on Tuesday and I am so excited to get away and just have fun. I'm sure I'll have a tale or two to share when I get back.


dschetz said...

Hi to Jonah from Tomas! He was laughing out loud when we read your latest entry. He fondly remembers Jonah as his first friend. He wishes we could move back to MA. Happy Birthday to Jonah!

The Schetzels

Becca said...

I can't believe Jonah is 11 either! It seems like yesterday we were all pawing at this cute little baby boy with the most kissable cheeks ever. Wish him Happy Birthday for us. P.S. I really love his hair!
The Morrellie Bunch

mike and maren said...

Happy Birthday to Jonah, the best hobo ever. (Halloween) :)

mike and maren said...

PS. We love you!!!