Saturday, April 5, 2008

3 Years in the Making

As many of you know, I've been associated with the Mormon women's newspaper Exponent II since we came to Boston in 1996. I'd heard of Exponent before I came out (Feminists!! Bra-burning ladies who's temple recommends should be burned!!! Man Haters!). In our ward, two of the three women who were the most friendly and inclusive of me were Exponent--thanks Judy D. & Linda H-K. They invited me to read submissions, come to the retreat (definitely the most fun & spiritually stimulating weekend of the year), hang out. In 2000 Nancy D. asked me to be an assistant editor, a counselor to her bishop/editor role and I've been doing it ever since. Several years ago, I became aware of several friends who had husband's with pornography addictions,. Each one felt so alone. We have to talk about this, get this out there, I thought and knew that we needed to dedicate an issue of the paper to the topic.

I started working on it in earnest in 2005, getting Mari Mc to write an article and do a retreat workshop on the Addiction Recovery program that she helped shape. I can't exactly explain why it's taken 3 years to get the whole thing together, but it did. And I must say I'm mightly pleased with how it all came together and I encourage everyone to go to the Exponent website ( and check it out. It's such an important subject and affects so many people. Pass it on to friends and family. Honestly, you NEVER know who out there needs to know they are not alone in this.

On the lighter side, I thought I'd attach a couple pix. Bea is such a stinker right now, refusing to nap and refusing to sleep in her crib at night. But she is also so funny. She found some lipgloss of Millie's and when she put it on, she said, "Wook, Mama, I's a pwincess!"

Bea discovers the fun of dressing up. Even if she's more "Hobo-rella" than Cinderella.

This week our dear buddies Heather & Aidan visited from Seattle. While Heather & Aidan were visiting, we had half the world over for a playdate. It was heaven. Georgia just loved having Aidan here. When he left today she said, "Mom, the second Aidan got out of the car at the airport I already missed him." But it was Millie who really seemed smitten with him. I've never seen my Mills with such a crush on somebody. She just followed him around like a puppy. In fact, sometimes AS a puppy, complete with a leash that Aidan held as she PANTED for him. It all felt very Little Women and I suspect if they all end up at BYU together Georgia/Jo may lose her Laurie to her little sister. Thank heaven it's all far away for now. I am NOT looking forward to all the girl drama that boys cause.


The Albertsen Family said...

Good job getting that published finally. I know you've been working on it for a long, long time.
I counted ten kids in your backyard and that didn't include them all I'm sure. Looks fun nonetheless.

belmomma said...

Awesome, your house is a magnet for house guests, and all us tag alongs!
As I told you before, I loved the issue, read it cover to cover, and forwarded it to friends and family. I think MANY people will appreciate all the hard work put into it.

mike and maren said...

I am going to read it as soon as my recital is over. I have heard from Sarah, Dava, and Mike that is was great. PS. I will be very happy if my kids look like hobo-rella.