Saturday, February 2, 2008

Georgia's Baptism

Our little Georgia was baptized today. She was so excited--to get baptized, to have so many friends and family in attendance, to NOT have a fever. Dave & Dava spoke; Diane played the piano; Lisa, Jen, Carolyn, Bekka, Becca, & Dava sang; friends did food; and the slide-show I have been working on since December was super sweet. Georgia, who normally hates being the center of attention, just beamed. Dave summed it all up well when he said, "Any day I get to wear a jumpsuit is a good day."

Bea's favorite part was riding the trash cans. Yes, we are hobos.

Now we are frantically shifting gears as we take off for Puerto Rico tomorrow morning. (We lured Dava here on the pretense of Georgia's baptism, convinced her to "stay on for a while" and then planned our escape...)

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