Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Reefer Madness

Puerto Rico is amazing. We spent the better part of the day snorkeling. We are a few minutes walk from a great spot. The giant reef is right off the beach; you wade in a few feet and it just drops. I can't describe all the fish. I felt like I was in Nemo.

So to fully appreciate the picture below, I need to give the back story on our niece Eloise (aka "Ousie"). She's not quite 2, but has been talking up a storm for ages. It freaks people out, how articulate she is. Over Christmas she sang "Silver Bells" and does this whole, little miss pageant both arms over the head, slowly lowered as she croons, "Dressed in Haaahhhh-li-day style." So when she was just a year, her mom Stephanie drove past a party store and as soon as Ousise saw the sign, she shouted, "Party City!" The next time they were out they went past another party store and she (correctly) called out "Party Depot!" (This should tell you more about Stephanie's party fixation than Eloise's precociousness) So when we're with Ouisie, every few hours we say "Party City" to which she replies, "Party Depot." Even Bea has gotten in on the "duck season/wabbit season" call and response. So back to Rincon. Today as we were out driving Dave slammed on the brakes and made us go take a picture of this hilarious store. To which I replied, "Condom Depot!"

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condom depot!!!