Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sick Sick Sickies

We are the house of sickness. It started Friday nite, right after Georgia's birthday party. She was tired, achey, and asked to go to bed while guests were still here. It's five days later and she still has a fever. I took Camille into school late on Tuesday (it physically pains her to go to school if Georgia doesn't) and the office informed me that 10 kids were absent from Georgia's class. The secretary leaned in kind of conspiratorially and said, "Apparently there was a party Friday nite and ALL the kids are really sick..." So we are now the vector of all illness it seems.

Because this is Georgie's 8th birthday and she will be baptized this Saturday, lots of family are in town. 3 of Dave's 4 sisters are here, with 2 cousins. Almost all of us have some version of the virus. The babies have goopy eyes and fevers, the toddler is miserable, we all have amazing headaches, and currently Stephanie has the highest fever (though Suzie wins as pastiest, which is saying something as she lives a block from the beach). Grandma Dava arrives tomorrow and we are all desperate for her to take care of us, make us soup, bring us cool washclothes, put us to bed with purple flavor motrin.

But we've still managed to have some fun. We watch Idol and Dog Whisperer, eat Mike's pastries and raw cookie dough (Laurie Low's recipe with 3t of Mexican vanilla), and have been to the Christmas Tree Shop twice and are headed back tomorrow. Nothing soothes stabbing aches and pains like cheap Valentine's decorations.

I am excited for my Georgie's baptism. She is such a big girl, and seems to understand that she is making a big commitment. Too bad she doesn't appreciate that she'd look so much cuter in the white satin dress with the beading than the faux shantung one with the cheesey lace jacket... Oh well, I guess even THAT sin will be forgiven.


The Albertsen Family said...

Don't worry, Dava Poppins will save you all and Georgia will look back on the tacky lace thing and say to herself, "Gee my mom was right."

Anonymous said...

She'll look back at Millie's baptism and say "mom, why didn't you get ME a cute satin dress with cute beading instead of the tacky lace thing!" I SO know that Millie will be wearing the satin one.
We're in Sundahl sickie withdrawl, get better everyone!

weinerhund said...

Suffer all you Godless heathens!

Kerry said... that you Quay? :-)

Sorry to hear you are all sick! We have had influenza at our house. Poor Nora was so sick. Now I think I have it. It is not fun!

mike and maren said...

I saw a link to Hobo Mamma and I was sure this had to be one of the Sundahl's blogs. Haha. Sad to hear you're all under the weather - and we're sad not to be there! :)