Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hits & Misses

Hit: Exotic meat. Tonite Dave killed, skinned, gutted & cooked a squirrel. The girls went crazy for it.

: Vermin. I tried really hard not to vomit just thinking about it. I barely do dark poultry meat.

: Lilyrose Florals ( is the flower business my friend Linda is starting. Not only should you check out her gorgeous arrangements, but those lovely models as well... If you live in Boston, hire this woman for your next event.

Miss: Sting-a-ling-a-ling. While at Target the other day, I saw that Sting had a new funky Christmas album out, "If on a winter's night." I was so excited (my first concert was The Police's Ghost in the Machine tour of 81/82--thanks Hon!). Until I listened to it. Has Sting started smoking 15 packs a day? There are one or two that don't suck. Made me want to cry. Not in a good way.

Hit: The new shows that we are lovin are Community (I could not stop giggling about "Mexican Halloween") and The Middle. Great acting. Great dialogue. The jury is out on Flashforward (it makes me miss Lost already). Too many Brits with fake American accents (I am NOT talking about you Simon Baker--I love how your Aussieness occasionally sneaks thru)
Miss: Nasty old ladies who ram into your car in the library parking lot, even though you honk like mad before she makes contact, and then accuses you of hitting her rust bucket.

: When people in uber liberal Cambridge use Republican as a swear word. For example, "You are a nasty piece of work and I bet you're a Republican to boot!!!" It's the "R" word.

Having kids get the swine flu. I know why it's called that. You spend so much time attending to whiny, needy kids that your house turns into a pigsty.

Hit: Getting everyone well enough to trick or treat and eating so many homemade donuts you feel like Homer Simpson.


lisa said...

Your picture made me simultaneously giggle and dry heave. I can't show it to Z....

DS said...

Well, TECHNICALLY he did kill the squirrel, but I deserve credit for the assist. And you should know that he was very humane and tender with it in helping it across to the other side. I wonder what a nice Squirrel ala Milanese, breaded in acorn flower, would taste like? Ahh, there's always next FHE.

I'm no DLS.

Stefawn Von Gordon said...

I. want. to. vomit.

(I have to show that repulsive picture to my father, who will be SO PROUD of Dave)

klow_burns said...

Maybe Dave should start a food blog? Loving Community too!