Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Millerific Millicent

My sweet Camille turns 7 today and is still as snugly as the day she was born. She was so thoughtful too in timing her arrival. I was teaching some writing classes at BU and my last day was December 10. I came home, filed away the grades, painted my toes and said to my huge belly, "Okay, NOW you can come," and went to bed. The next morning I awoke in labor and we raced to the hospital, leaving Joe & Georgia with Sande. Dave was so used to going to the airport that he nearly missed our exit. I looked up from puking (I hurl during transition) and screamed "FENWAY!" I closed my eyes as he skidded two lanes across Storrow Drive to just barely make our exit.

Nicknames: Millie, Mills, Judge Mills Lane, The Judge, Mildred, Millicent, Mao-Mao, Mao-ey, Chairman Mao, Me-Too Millie, Dolphin, Turtle

Here she is at Lake Winnepesauke trying to steal my Coke. She has always had a thing for bubbly brown water. She is like me in other ways too.

Millie has a huge gap between her front teeth and for years she told everyone she had lost a tooth because she is so determined to be like her big sister. Now those two teeth are loose and I know it'll break my heart a little when that Dave Letterman gap goes away.

Despite some fighting, Georgia & Camille are best friends. They share a room and sometimes get mad at each other and one leaves to sleep elsewhere. But within 20 minutes, one or both begs for a reunion. "I just can't sleep without Millie in here," Georgia will sob.

Millie is a superstar with Bea. Jonah will babysit, Georgia will roll her eyes and bring me a diaper if I threaten her, but Millie is truly a friend to Bea. She is solicitous and inclusive (mostly) and willing to do things Bea wants to do. It's been so hard for Bea and me to have Mills in school full day. Bea would give her last M&M to Millie. And Millie would deserve it.

I love this picture of Millie. She has always been so at home in the water and loves spending time at the beach. She swims like a fish and dives like a seal and isn't afraid to get filthy and gross. She kicks butt.

Funny story: Recently Millie has been bringing home a series of books about Rainbow Fairies. The books are simple, two girls have to find all the fairies to restore the rainbow so the whole book is just the girls searching for a fairy. After we finished, our conversation went like this:

Georgia: Mom, when they found that sparkling stream? I kept thinking, the fairy must be in there.

Me: Me too.

Georgia: And when they saw that Queen Bee, I was thinking it was the yellow fairy in disguise.

Me: Me too! And then when they saw the golden honey, I thought the fairy was hiding in there.

Georgia: I thought the same thing.

Millie: Know what I was thinking during that whole book? Nothing. [she smiles smugly] Absolutely NOTHING.

I love this girl. She brings our family such joy.


lisa said...

And to our family! Jake asked for a play date with Millie all day today. Finally, I told him she couldn't play because it was her birthday! "Oh,"... he thought and then said, "well make sure you see about tomorrow, Saturday or Monday." We love that girl! Happy birthday to you both!!

Rhonda said...

Tell Millie Happy Birthday from Cooper - he just had his 7th a couple of weeks ago and it has made me so sad, still! They grow up so quickly. Love to you all.

Kerry said...

Happy Birthday Millie! I can't believe that she is seven and that Emma's seventh birthday is right around the corner!

belmomma said...

oh man that story cracks me up! We love that little Turtle!

Dava said...

One reason why I love Millie is because she smiles for my camera. She didn't want to, but when I appealed to her sweet little heart, she consented. And she kept her word. She nearly slipped up once and gave me a frown, remembered her promise, and put a big smile on that beautiful face!
Happy Birthday, Camille.
I love you!
Grandma Dava xoxoxo

Stefawn Von Gordon said...

You forgot "Hadji"

I can't believe she's SEVEN... Mostly because she still wants to be picked up and carried... :)

stephanie said...

Happy Birthday to the Judge. Love, love, love her. Very excited to see you guys and for one or both of my girls to be Millie's pet(s). That kid has a good heart.