Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday David Dear!

Dave & guitar with little brother Scott & scary clown...

Dave on his 40th

Last Saturday Dave turned 40. We were camping at the Cape, and I was a little stressed out about how to make things festive. I shouldn't have worried as his sister Stephanie & co. came up from Jersey with half the contents of Party City AND Party Depot in their van. Stephanie has a PHD in party paraphernalia. And games even. She orchestrated Olympic games for kids (crab racing at the beach, best bike trick, best boogie boarding) complete with gold medals. The Snows brought a Costco cake and friends had gifts for him. But for Dave the day was made perfect thanks to PapaBaka taking him surfing at 5am.

In honor of Dave I want to list a few of the reasons why I love him so much:

-He is sooooo smart. It never ceases to amaze me the stuff he knows and how excited he is to learn more random stuff all the time. His nerdiness is an aphrodisiac.

-Dave is one of the most compassionate people on the planet. You have to really suck for Dave not to care about you. (For all you vampire people out there, he's Carlisle Cullen.)

-His kids worship him with just cause. He takes them for bike rides, teaches them how to clean bathrooms, and love the snot out of them. In the words of Cesar Milan the Dog Whisperer, Dave is the perfect Pack Leader. He is "calm & asserta" and engages his pack with "exercise, discipline & affection."

-He's funny. Not as funny as I am, but still, he cracks me up on a regular basis.

-Dave is a hard, hard worker. I learned this when we were engaged and he worked overtime in a basement print/sweat shop. I learned it again in Arizona when he worked for the gas company driving around in 118 degree heat in a truck with no A/C. He's not afraid to suffer to do what needs to be done.

-He gets more handsome every year. Not that it matters. But it's still nice.

-He's happy to go shopping with me. As long as it's not Christmas Tree Shop (nobody's perfect).

-He appreciates my family and friends and is never poopy about my need to go visit or hang out with said people.

-I love what a hobo he is. Half the time when he travels for business he forgoes the Courtyard in favor of a camp ground. He once called me to tell me he was "bathing" in a Starbucks bathroom.

So there are a few reasons why I think I'm the luckiest person around. If you know Dave, you know what a gem he is.


EmilyCC said...

Dave is wicked smaht and compassionate. Happy Birthday, Dave!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dave! Near as I can tell from the photos on this blog, you haven't changed an iota. Hope your next 40 is even better than the first.

hp said...

And I thought I was the only one noticing that Pop Dave gets more handsomer every year. How handsome will he have to be before you'll do his ironing?

mike and maren said...

Happy Birthday Dave! Sad we weren't there to witness the Party City/Depot madness.

Anonymous said...

favorite saying by Dave..."so here's the thing.." said while holding both hands out in front of him... Happy birthday you well groomed guy!

Deborah said...

A very happy birthday to Dave! Heather, you found a good one. How do I get me one of those?

Emily said...

Wow, I just fell in love all over again . . .

Dava said...

What letters do you text for 'I'm Crying Out Loud"? 'COL'?

I'm Dave's mother and so-o-o happy that he is married to a lovely woman who loves him, still!

And I'm so happy to know David. I AM still learning from him.

He turned out to be a great human being despite the chaos I created around him! Happy-birthday, David!

Anne said...

he's a peach and a half, all right

Anne said...

oh, and I laughed out loud while i read this post