Friday, June 13, 2008

"Royal Fun"

Last week one of my foodie friends had a cookie emergency at 10:30pm and so Aunt Sue and I made a house call. Imagine my horror when I walk in to see this master chef KILLING the shortbread dough. It took me a minute to figure things out, but she had tried to "roll" the dough out directly onto the cookie sheet with her hand and then cut directly onto the pan with the cookie cutter. "It's going to be okay," I said as calmly as I could, "just give me the pan, and walk away from the dough." Sue and I had such fun being the cookie whisperers that we decided to make a ton and use them as party favors for Sue's shower this week.

Sue is expecting a baby girl in August and she has visited us so much over the last 6 years that she has bonded with most of my friends. We're her remote Relief Society. When people found out she was having a baby Coco suggested we fly Sue out and give her a Belmont Shower. Lindy & Al insisted on hosting, even though they had another giant event right after. I love that my friends are so ready to love & embrace my family.

Dave & Sue's sister Stephanie drove up from Princeton for the week and cookie decorating was all the excuse we needed to go all "Fancy Nancy." We used royal icing with meringue powder, Mexican vanilla, and 10 tons of sprinkles and edible glitter. I ordered cutters online that reflected Sue, so baby stuff, dachshunds (she & Quay have 2 and they are their babies), and tools (she & Dave built our tree house, installed our dishwasher, cut the counter to fit the new stove).

We made 50+ cookies. Sue was speedy fast decorating. Steph very methodical. I only decorated a couple as I used the chance to work on the game for the party, but I did a few saws, bottle tops, and bees.

How sweet is this onesie? Sue, by the way, is the one that coined the term "Hobo Baby" and helped us all embrace our inner hobo-ness, though she did NOT go vagabond at the shower. Could she glow any more?

Sue's favorite were the prams and the pink & green weiner dog.

I commissioned Rachel in Arizona, who should make a career out of her quilting skills, to make Sue a dog quilt. She did one for a friend before she moved and it was the most darling thing ever. And I hate dogs, so that's saying something. She had me send pix of Cami & Finna, Sue's pups, so that she could match the fabric. They are top R and middle L and spot on (ha ha, spot on). The underside of the ears are silky and the noses are leathery. It's like a huge touch and feel book. The back is lavender silky and elaborately quilted. Sue cried when she saw it. It was Frankie's Orange.

Sitting there, looking at all that cute stuff, the tiny dresses with smocking, glittery shoes, the drill (okay, so not the drill), the blanket, I waited to feel that "Awe, I want another baby" feeling, and it never happened. How great is that. Maybe I am more of a grandma after all....

Here are Lindy & Al, the best hosting team around. And Al, you better not love Sue's baby more than you love Bea. Just a warning from the Hobo Mama.

Whipped Shortbread - Coleen M. Low via K. Low Burns

1 lb butter at room temperature
1 cup powdered sugar
1/2 cup corn starch (yes, corn starch)
3 cups flour

Mix w/ mixer. If using cookie cutters, be generous w/ flour for rolling pin & surface. Don’t roll thinner than ¼” or they’ll get too crispy.

Cook for 24 min at 300. Watch for bottom edges to turn brown.


Rachel said...

I don't know what the trick is with the frosting but its so Martha Stewart gone retro cute. They all look so incredible. Thank you to Sue for the "hobo" phrase. Its become an over used, derogatory slam, even a term of endearment. Oh how I miss you all!

Anonymous said...

Great food - check
great friends - check
no kids around - CHECK
beautiful presents - check
yummy cookies - check
no lice....crap, I hope not!
Fun evening all in all